Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen...... :-)

1. What do you think of McCain being ahead in the polls? I don't know who I am voting for...but it will be based on my careful comparison of the candidates. I will not take my decision lightly....or blindly believe each media claim about the candidates. Sometimes the way we initially vote for a politician reminds me of zombies.....hence, an excuse to post The Hooters "All You Zombies." Hopefully, we don't suddenly wake up and realize that we voted for the wrong person this time. Now, here are the zombies:

2. How many celebrity chefs actually work at their own restaurants? As far as TV goes, it seems like there is an epidemic of celebrity chefs...accompanied by restaurants. If I were to go to one of these restaurants, I would not expect one of these chefs to be there...only to know that the restaurant continued to be inspired by that chef's techniques. I would also expect the chef to have continued say and even visit as often as he/she could. Of course, the more actual connection with the chef, the more I might want to visit.....but I am very interested in gastronomy.
-----I am interested in "Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley" when it opens...he says that he will be in the kitchen.
-----The Ronald McDonald comment on the page I just linked to made me laugh. :-)

3. Robbers have raided Obama's ancestral home in Kenya.

4. This was one of the most happy endings I have heard in a long time....father and son are saved by chanting a Disney motto. Another happy ending is this post-"Blind Dating, Italian Style."

5. Stephen Hawking says that the Large Hadron Collider is absolutely safe. He also has a bet going that it won't find what is being looked for. (Video)

6. The Atlantis astronauts are getting ready for a slightly risky Hubble mission.

7. I collect rocks..including everyday-looks-interesting finds (especially if on vacation). I am glad that I don't live anywhere that I might pick up explosives that look like interesting rocks.

8. Early lives of 10 VP wives.

9. The OJ jury is almost picked. The selection is coming along quickly in part due to the fact that jurors are putting in 10-hour days.

10. I am glad that participating in Kiva is coming along well for me. I have re-invested my original loan (which was re-paid). I am now helping a couple who owns a grocery store in Cambodia to be able to rent out extra rooms. Kiva is a way of helping small businesses in developing countries.....each lender gives a small amount to add up to the loan. Kiva makes me smile. :-)

11. Australia opens its first human-rights-friendly prison. There are no bars.

12. Sarah Palin's son is due to leave for Iraq today (Sept. 11th).

13. "Top 10 Crimes Against Nature." Details some of the serious risks of cosmetic procedures.

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