Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Thursday Thirteen...... :-) :-) :-)

1. 13 Recipes:
-----Breakfast Cherry Baskets...little pies. :-)
-----Fennel and Chicken Flatbread...I really want to try this one. Reminds me of pizza. I don't know if I have ever had fennel.
-----A couple of recipes for Sweet and Sour Hot Dogs. I actually saw recipes for Sweet and Sour Hot Dogs in my mother's recipe box growing up if I remember correctly...if not there, then in one of her recipe books.
-----Copa Verde...a cocktail that uses avacados. I didn't know that an avacado ice cream is served in Mexico...said to be pretty good. I would try both (the Copa Verde and the avacado ice cream). I will also try the Copa Verde with a splash of Mountain Dew, as suggest in the comments on the page I linked to....creates a nice effect.
-----Buzzard's Breath Barbecue Sauce
-----Grilled Cajun Style Gator Tail. I have never had alligator meat.
-----Texas Armadillo. I didn't know that people ate armadillo meat.
-----Spanish Crostini. Uses tomato caviar....and tells how to get tomato "caviar." Also has Manchego cheese (which I have not tried). Oh, and garlic...we are pretty passionate about garlic around this house. :-)
-----Poke Sallet with potlikker
-----Apple catsup...suppose to be excellent with roast pork, ham, goose or duck.
-----Cajun Meatloaf
-----Thai Iced Coffee (with video). One of the more economical coffee recipes that I have come across.
-----Avocado Mayonnaise

2. 13 Online Magazines:
Vanity Fair....I was intensely interested a while back when a child of JFK may have been found. Now that I am reading the online version, I am reading about things that may have belonged to Marilyn Monroe. I would like to get a Blockhead! game....looks like it might be like Jenga (one of my fave games).
Freedom investigative reporting magazine published by the Church of Scientology. I want to read the articles....though I am not a Scientologist....and will not, necessarily, agree with the findings of someone who is a Scientologist. Still, I am going to read through some of the articles.

3. I play NationStates. 13 things about my Nation:
-----The Community of Bluestbutterfly is an "Inoffensive Centrist Democracy." Honestly, I don't know what the Centrist part means...the game classifies every country and your classification can change depending on the legislation passed. Clearly, the author of this game knows a lot about politics.
-----The motto of Bluestbutterfly is "A happy butterfly finds the path over the rainbow."
NationStates is an interesting game. Like in the real world, legislation does not always work the way you planned. I love this game....though I would like to see faster or more varied gameplay. I have reserved the "Community of Bluestbutterfly" for when Nation States 2 comes out. I have not read the book that the game is based on...."Jennifer Government." I am now waiting for Jennifer Government to arrive from a library (mine doesn't have it).

5. 13 Great Websites: really great search engine. I can see the contents of the page before I click. This often saves me time and I find more interesting things. I love this search engine. A visual search engine.
-----JobVent....a site to vent and warn others. Maybe some company will read this and change their ways. A really great site....companies are evaluated on several criteria. It's not all bad...people that are happy with their job (or aspects of it) are on here, too. This site can really help with your job search. :-)
-----WhistleStopCafe....of Fried Green Tomatoes fame. Batters,seasonings, cookbooks and recipes. I have had them listed in my sidebar for a while. Free recipes with step-by-step photos. The next recipe that I am trying is the Sherry and Mushroom I have both sherry and mushrooms that I have to use up.

6. 13 Things that I have done this week:
-----Worried about the well-being of a friend.
-----Planned things for my kitchen. I can not afford culinary, I am going to use the Internet to learn what I need. At the same time I am doing this, I will be blogging my culinary adventures and creating a training program for when I open a coffee shop.
-----Researched foods that are good for Doggie. I want to make some sort of a salsa but with raw or mashed carrots instead of tomatoes (depending on what research you read tomatoes are not good for dogs....and all agree the green parts are NOT safe for dogs). I like foods that both dogs and humans can eat.
-----Learned that MacKenzie Phillips has been arrested for heroin possession....this made me sad. I hadn't thought about her half-sister's band Wilson Phillips in a long time...thinking about their singing made me sing.
-----Worked with Doggie who is learning various tricks. Doggie has started learning "Dance" as a command. Watching Doggie like a hawk as Doggie eats WHATEVER when bored or if it smells good. Another thing to keep Doggie learning/not bored.....building some climbing/obstacle equipment for play....researching this.
-----Fascinated with the idea of making carrot marmalade.
-----Picked up library books that I had on hold....some Frugal Gourmet titles and a book on frugal gardening.
-----Watched the original "Little Shop of Horrors." Funny and very entertaining.
-----Watched America's Top Model. Too corny in places and really exciting in others. I am looking forward to this season.
-----Introduced Friend1 to Checker's French Fries (and Checkerburgers). Friend1 loved the French Fries. I found ideas to imitate them....and shall be trying. Of course, I will be getting the real thing. I used a great coupon....proving yet again that one can be super-frugal and still eat out.

7. 13 Political Discussions on YahooAnswers:
-----What do you think of McCain saying that he "doesn't work for a party?"
-----What foreign policy experience does Obama have???
-----Do you really believe all of Obama's promises???
-----Poll:Are you claiming any government assistance?
-----Are the November elections going to be the biggest in history?
-----Which potential first lady would be better for the country?
-----What are your thoughts on Sarah Palin?
-----Who would the terrorists like to see as our next President?
-----Would you have voted for McCain before he picked Palin as his running mate?
-----"Do you think even Obama realizes he's unqualified to be President?" I was SHOCKED by the lack of education on McCain's side and now need to go through and rationalize if I vote for him (based on decision-record and experience). I am STILL undecided as to whom I will vote for...and consider this a very important year.
-----What good things has Sarah Palin done in her political career?
-----Do you believe that McCain is going to bring change?
-----Who do you think will win? Is it who you want to win? What are you doing to support your candidate? If you are still deciding, what info are you looking at in helping to make that decision?

8. 13 Twitterers:
-----Wil Wheaton. For those not as familiar with the Net...yes, this IS Wil Wheaton.
-----John Edwards. I don't know if this is the real John Edwards. I wish that the Twitter stream were not just a listing of events that John Edwards is attending.
-----Barack Obama. From what I have seen mainly as list of events...but at least tells what the speeches will be about.
-----Andromeda Edison
-----Patrick Wilson (of Weezer). I am hooked on the song "Pork and Beans." I wish Patrick would Twitter more often.
-----Joe Biden
-----Nancy Pelosi....more personal in Twitter feed than some politicians. Though one may not agree with her, Ms. Pelosi always makes it clear exactly where she stands on issues.
-----Deb Puchalla(Editor-in-chief of Martha Stewart's Everyday Food Magazine)

9. 13 things making me scratch my head:
-----Construction workers that start work at an hour that is surely illegal.I have had to turn two things on our TV's volume settings up....ALL THE WAY and VERY far. I can not hear over the jackhammers. Must go take ibuprofen and look up construction laws for residential areas. Seems like they are taking a break now....too much to hope for that they are done. No, of course, they are not done.
-----Life's humor that just seems to fall into place. I was wearing a Branson t-shirt and husband happened to notice that my seatbelt made it say "Bra on."
-----The weather person who can not pronounce the name of the state he is supposedly in.
-----People who don't get why other nations get involved in their "politics." We are all human beings and all deserve to be treated humanely.
-----Drinking Sangria always makes me sick. I don't know why and want to figure out the reason.
-----I don't understand the issue with music and the McCain campaign. I think that I would just stop using the song if it upset an artist. Imagine, how you would feel if a song that you poured your heart into was used to support someone you disagreed with....especially if they continued to legally use it in the future (when they have perhaps enacted some awful decisions). Copyright or not...I think this is a matter of respect. Copyright or not....given the emotions that politics incite, permission should have been asked. Legal right or not....songs should not be used for political purposes without the go-ahead of the artist. Furthermore, imagine the lawsuit that one could bring if the song becomes permanently associated with a candidate that the artist views as despicable.
-----Aggravated by businesses who make it difficult to make a payment. What is the point of having it be difficult to find out where/how to make a payment????? Is it more expensive to put your address/payment button where people can find it??? AGGRAVATED.
-----The Hadron Collider Project over in Europe. It will recreate the way conditions were after "The Big Bang." This seems dangerous to me.
-----Saw a commentator on the news describing something as a "Jenny that has been released from the bottle." Not the first time that I have heard this. It's cruel to bottle those Jenny's. :-)
-----If we have a bag of potatoes in our kitchen, it ALWAYS goes bad. I just don't understand....we have tried so many different containers and storage methods. My plants that need humidity, don't get enough the potatoes should be happy.
-----Alcohol that tastes good in recipes often doesn't taste good to drink. We have some vermouth and a sherry that I would never drink.
-----Trailers of Shirley McClaine as Coco Chanel just look like Shirley McClaine to me. I don't know who I would have cast as Coco Chanel.

10. 13 things Corn-on-the-Cob:
-----DO NOT feed your dog corn-on-the-cob. Do not let them get the husks out of the garbage, either. Dangerous. Corn cobs are protected and go out immediately after eating at our house....Doggie is particularly attracted to their smell.
-----There is a fest for everything. There is, of course, a fest called "Corn on the Cob Days."
-----How to freeze corn from corn-on-the-cob....with LOTS of photos. :-)
-----How to can corn from corn-on-the-cob...also with LOTS of photos. :-)
-----Corn-on-the-cob with Ivy's Zippy Mustard Lime Glaze (recipe)
-----What to do with leftover corn-on-the cob
-----Recipe for smoked corn-on-the-cob


12. 13 Things Patrick Swayze:
-----Official Patrick Swayze International Fan Club
-----In November, there is to be a special-edition DVD of Dirty Dancing coming toward "Girl's Nights." There will be commentaries...I love commentaries.
-----"No One Puts Swayze in the Corner." I am not a big fan of tabloids following people around...but I loved the title here and was happy to actually hear when Patrick said "I'm a miracle."
-----I didn't know that Swayze had commented on the Mel Gibson drunk-driving incident.
-----Patrick is listed in the Uncyclopedia
-----What reaction do you have to this video?

-----Patrick Swayze STILL smoking on the set of his new movie. Reports don't mention how much he has smoked after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer...or what doctors think of that smoking-level.
-----Patrick's words about when he was young & struggling in NYC...and how it has affected his life.
------I haven't seen "North and South" on TV in a long time....I might have to buy the collection. I don't remember this series very well. I am wondering what the age rating is...if it might be helpful for home-schooling at some age. I am also wondering if there is a novelization of this series.

-----The last rumor that I have read is that Patrick Swayze will not be in the Point Break sequel...if there is a Point Break sequel. :-(
-----I have read plenty of rumors that Mr. Swayze might star in a sequel to Dirty Dancing.

-----I have never seen the movie "Keeping Mum." If you have seen it, did you like it?
-----SURPRISE: Patrick Swayze made an appeal and manned phones at the Stand Up to Cancer Telethon (Friday)

13. 13 Gourmet Foods with Rum:


OK....I give up. I enjoyed doing this for my Thirteen. I need to start earlier if I want to complete something like this though....or just have my schedule allow for more things like this. Enjoy what I posted though. I will try this again.


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