Monday, September 15, 2008

R.I.P to a Pink Floyd Member

Me sitting in Second Life at Grizzy's Cafe at a 70s house party. By the water.Varied and relaxing music played by a DJ named Ed (I couldn't make out what his last name was).

I went virtual water-skiing,too. Got stuck underneath what looked like a helicopter pad....smoke was coming up all over the place. Rode the water ski a little around the sand, too. Left when someone saw my weirdness. I am pretty shy in Second Life...eventually I will learn how to do the animation and so on. I am glad that it is generally not possible to cause property damage in Second Life. :-)

I also danced on the beach by myself for a while. Husband suggested that maybe I could dance in the bonfire...essentially I could. That looked neat and was fun.

So relaxing....and then it got sad. Ed mentioned that one of the members of Pink Floyd died. I learned from @fotographic that it was Richard Wright who passed away. Another victim of cancer. :-(

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