Monday, September 08, 2008

Election 2008

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-----Tom Hanks for President? Joan Rivers very CANDID thoughts on the candidates.
-----Who is winning online? The comments to this post also shed light on who is possibly winning on the Internet. It is through this post that I found "McCain News" on Twitter.
-----I try to follow all politicians on Twitter....I want to know what is going on. My beef about the Twitter feeds is that it is often hard to find a candidate's Twitter feeds...they don't exactly advertise that they utilize such. I find the candidates with ill-maintained Twitter feeds AGGRAVATING.
-----Is a vote for Barack Obama a vote for the United Nations?

I am wondering what the public's reaction would be if Sarah Palin's daughter had an abortion before she was announced as the running mate? An abortion before the election? What about after the election? What if Sarah were running for President or were President when the abortion occurred?

We clearly have a lot to say about teenage pregnancy among those we consider celebrities.....what would public reaction be to a teenage celebrity having an abortion? This kind of situation will happen sooner or later with some famous young person.

Would the father's rights issue suddenly become something we must do something about....if it were the President's daughter denying a father rights or aborting against his wishes?

Political candidates seem to come with more ordinary personal lives....not white-bread but complete with the real issues that many in this country face and discuss. It's certainly a different world for everyone.

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