Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Personal Loans, Small Business Loans and other helpful stuff.

Personal Loans...are something that I might consider in my credit improvement efforts. Besides debt consolidation, personal loans are good for things like vacation and home improvements. I understand a personal loan to be basically an effort to either get back on one's feet, keep up with other financial obligations while undertaking something massive or to meet unexpected expenses (like a natural disaster or broken automobile).

Loans with AmericaUnsecured.com are decided quickly. That is nice. The only time that I have ever explored personal loans, the wait was the most excruciating part.

If a company can make me feel a little more at ease, by being able to advise me on and successfully carry out a small personal loan, then I would trust them for Small Business Loans.

As I need a fairly large facility for what I have in mind, loans and grants are a more difficult thing to get. I will think very carefully about financing options with my future coffee shop. :-)

Lately, I have been coming out and asking small businesses for advice on startup finances (and any other tips they may have). If you are not going to be direct competition, it doesn't hurt to ask. I know that I will likely have to go with some sort of loan though. Startup advice, anyone???

Startup Loans can help with equipment (lots for a good coffee shop),cash flow,payroll ( still don't know how many employees I will need to start),advertising/marketing (I don't think I will need much....I am the Word-Of-Mouth/Internet Queen), building improvements and the many unexpected bills that come a business owner's way.

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