Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mary (Molly) Herencia

Why it would have been nice to know you:
-----People with a nickname like "Molly" are usually spunky. At least, I think of people with the name Molly as being spunky. Mary had an Irish wit....that makes her extra-spunky (absolutely delightful to be around).
-----Molly was the best sister-in law anyone could have. She was a wonderful mother to her kids and always had a warm smile on her face. She was such a bright star among people who know her. I will always remember you for the sweet, kind and generous person you were. Never had a bad word to say about anyone. You are an angel in my eyes. (Posted by Doris on the 9-11 Heroes site...a neat site that posts a flower each time someone visits....Molly had 757 flowers when I visited.)
Wouldn't we all like to have someone speak sincerely about us like that? If you know someone who deserves similar words....go and say them remembrance of's important.
-----Mary was an insurance broker for Aon Corp.
-----Portrait of Molly as a mother. You have to admire a woman who can communicate just by coughing. A woman of great strength who wasn't a complainer...that is the impression I get.
-----A mother of twin boys.

Today I will be thinking about Mary Herencia...the person that I have decided to get to know this September 11th. I will be attempting to get to know her better via my online efforts. I feel like I know Michael Caproni, the man who I have written about for the last three years.

We are all the legacy of those who perished on 9/11. I want to be a great about you?


Today I am visiting other posts in the 2,996 Voices Project. I learned about Michael Benjamin example of the kind of parent that I admire. He reminds me of some of the good homeschooling parents. When his child wanted to learn about bulldozers, he arranged to have a bulldozer come to his house. Neat parent. I am sure that both of his children have plenty of memories to smile at. Each happy memory is like a continued hug.


writer chick said...

You have to love a spunky woman and what a smile. Thank you for joining in this tribute. I think that many prefer to forget at this point, but I don't and I can see that you don't either. Yes, we are their legacy. Awesome responsibility.


Thank you for saying all of that. It's weird how you can develop a connection with someone by reading/seeing what they left behind. This is why I find genealogy important, too. We should endeavor not to forget each other.

I think Molly had a beautiful smile. She impressed me as one of those people who truly goes out and lives life....putting one's best effort and so much care into everything they do.

I hope that Molly's family are doing as well as can be expected today (and in life).

Teena in Toronto said...

Thanks for your tribute!

I posted one too.

Cathy said...

Thank you for introducing me to Molly- a very sweet and personal remembrance.


I will be coming to visit your tribute, Teena. :-)


Thank you, Cathy. I am just getting to know what Molly was like....but their are so many delightful things about her personality. Mary (Molly) Herrencia touched a lot of lives with memories that truly make one smile.

Anonymous said...

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