Monday, September 08, 2008

O.J. everyday....again.

Jury selection for O.J. Simpson starts today and will take a week or longer. He could face life in prison.

Will it be as much of a carnival this time? Well..apparently, yes.
"And if last fall's preliminary hearing is any hint, the courthouse sidewalks should be jammed with gaggles of publicity-seeking costume wearers, God-fearing sign toters, Simpson supporters, Simpson haters and curiosity seekers taking it all in."
What surprised me was that this is not considered a very unusual case....other than whom the case is about.

If O.J. is convicted, I am wondering what he is going to do with the rest of his life....besides being incarcerated. I would hope that he would use his notoriety to attempt doing some good in the world.

A gloomy thought....but O.J. is 61. Depending on his health, any conviction could be the rest of his life. I wonder how often people who are nearing elderly are convicted of armed robbery.....what a sad way to spend the end stages of life when one has family.

From the videos that the Associated Press has placed on YouTube. In this video, we see some of the memorabilia in question. A different motive and account of what happened is given than what I have heard before.

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