Saturday, September 13, 2008

In My Second Life.....

I am looking forward to Burning Life 2008. I just got a new handbag as a gift in is black and white with "Burning Life" on it. I like free clothing...even virtual free clothing.

Last year, when I attended, the thing that I loved was the music. There are a lot of great DJs at Burning Life.

A lot of the artwork made me think....glad that I will get to see more of it this year (my schedule prohibited me from seeing the good majority of it last year.

My avatar in Second Life is "Thebluestbutterfly Writer." I can often be found on a sofa somewhere listening to music.


Speaking of music:
Right now in RL (real life), I am currently trying to learn the lyrics to Green Day's "American Idiot" for karaoke. Well maybe that wouldn't go over to well for a public karaoke...the lyrics might get on a political nerve. Maybe, I will just sing it for personal karaoke...for my Spring Cleaned party. Yes, I am odd....having a small dinner party in the Spring to show off my Spring Cleaning. :-)

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