Thursday, September 11, 2008

In My Life.....

-----Cool. The up-coming Star Trek movie is now my Friend on MySpace. :-)
-----Reading a short story by John Cheever called "Just Tell Me Who It Was." I like the writings of John Cheever's son Ben. I am particularly fond of a book of Ben Cheever's called "Selling Ben Cheever"....about what it is like to work low-paying jobs.
-----Started reading the book "Jennifer Government" by Maxx Barry...a library book. One of the games that I play, NationStates, is based off this. I am a player of NationStates2 Beta, by the much more interactive, I love it thus far.
-----I am excited about attending Burning Life again this year. Some great DJs come out for this....and I love to listen to the music. Looking at the sights during this virtual fest makes me smile....and think. An entertaining,worthwhile experience. My avatar in Second Life is "Thebluestbutterfly Writer."

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