Monday, September 15, 2008

Banzai/Pickled Onions

I love the game, Banzai. It is a game where one uses chopsticks to be little plastic sushi on the outcome of a video clip. Today, I have been watching some of the clips by myself and guessing what I think is going to happen.

I don't think that I could/would participate in the "Painful Pickled Onion" puzzle. I guessed the wrong child for this one (no children experienced the "painful part). I don't know that I could ever train myself to do things like the man in the clip-no matter how many times I practiced something like that, I would be afraid that something would go wrong.

Of the clips, I guessed 1 0f 4 correct....I usually do better. Husband watched one clip with me....and I guessed it right. :-) There was a man who guzzled gravy....another thing I don't think I could do.


-----Pickled Onion recipe....can be served on grilled bratwurst pre-heated in beer. I will be trying this....I can't imagine how it tastes.
-----Fish and Pickled Onion sandwich recipe.....uses catfish and Vidalia onions (two things I like a lot).
-----Strip Steaks with Roasted Poblano and Pickled Onion Relish. A recipe for the grill.

The Pickled Onion Bar & Grille (Massachusetts)...I have applied to be their friend on MySpace
The Pickled Onion Pub (Washington State)....authentic English Soccer Pub
The Pickled Onions Bar & Grille (Ontario)

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