Thursday, September 04, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Among other things real-estate-wise, I would someday like to farm/ranch and have long admired when a person builds/designs their own home. Yes, I love where we live now....but someday or other we might move. I am a big advocate of anything is can build a dream home a little-at-a-time. :-) is an interesting site. I know that I would want a house large enough to offer lots of hospitality (something I consider to be a duty/pleasure) but small enough so as not to have maintenance be a waste of resources. I like that there is a place to keep track of one's favorites when browsing through this website....and plan to take advantage of that feature often as I learn more about blueprints and so on. I think that when one makes their house decision, they should be as knowledgeable as possible (and a person should be proud of such learning).

Farmhouse plans :-) If one approaches this from an educated stance, it is so much less expensive to build one's own than to hire an architect. Or, at least it is easier on the current finances if you live somewhere else and finish your Home at your own pace.

There are also project plans on HousePlansAndMore that might be useful for our current residence. I am fond of this picnic table....I find the shape very aesthetically pleasing. I also find the price for the plan pretty affordable. I love anything that makes one's yard more enjoyable.

HousePlansAndMore includes plans for yard art. I am particularly into Christmas and Halloween, I was happy to see these. My fave so far is this igloo wood art project (which I would keep up all Winter).

-----Contemporary house plans....I do like the provisions for lots of light in most Contemporary house plans.
-----French Country House Plans...I am rather fond of cottage homes...with lush landscaping. Think a cottage surrounded by palms,vines and lanais. :-) Beautiful and peaceful.

-----Home Plans

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