Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Head or Tails Meme. The theme is "recipe."

This list is my narrowed down results for my first "Food Comfort Zones 101" project. This is an ongoing quest of mine.

I started out with 101 items and ruled many out (for one reason or another-not exciting, not practical, I am not sure if I am morally OK with eating whale, will absolutely make me sick, etc.). Now I am left with my "101"....like the class where you learn all the basics. I am learning how far my Food Comfort Zones go.

I will be blogging this adventure...and learning something about myself/unusual cuisine. I also hope to learn about the Food Comfort Zones of others.

I was happy to share this bit of my life for the Heads or Tails Meme this week. :-)


Is there a dish that you eat which many people would feel is unusual?

Slowly making my way through the posts done for this meme. You have to read "The Recipe" at the bottom of Anthony North's post. This made me smile....dark humor.


anthonynorth said...

Now that gives a whole new meaning to exotic food :-)
Loved it.

Skittles said...

Before my hubby met me he had never tried cream cheese. I can't imagine what he would think seeing this list.

Now, I have to admit the other recipes had made me hungry. I don't think I am anymore. :P

Go for the noodles in Jello.. if you dare. ;)

tumblewords said...

I'd go for the Fool's Gold Loaf, but then, on the other hand,...Neat post!

Vixen said...

I think I would start with (several) the Plum Martini and go from there.


Thank you, Anthony. I try a lot of recipes...but I am trying to be more adventurous in this. I am gently taking others on my food adventures.

For instance, I served Husband and Friend1 Zucchini Pie recently. Neither had ever had it, but both really loved it. :-)


Skittles- I intend to try all of these at some point. Right this second I am most intimidated by the Lizard Tongues and the Masked Hot Dogs.

I don't think I had tasted cream cheese until I was an adult either...actually.


Well...I used a random number generator and know what recipe I am going to pick to do first now. Now, I need to figure out what to do in conjunction. I am leaning to maybe the Plum Martini....with my first thing (not telling as I like to have an element of surprise when I post my adventures).

I am also finally going to get to take photos for my Fridge Friday group...time,stress and an exploding pop can are why I have never gotten to do this. :-)

The exploding pop can was a recent thing. It went straight through a container of bacon bits...I kid you not. Cleanup was NOT FUN and took a while. Anyway I am determined to actually have a Friday available to post my fridge pics....even if I have to pre-schedule the post.

I am going to blog my efforts to use up ingredients....you have no idea how many condiments I have. Oddly, I will buy more condiments. :-)

What fun food-related things have you been doing recently???


As I said...the Fool's Gold Loaf has always intrigued me.

At one point, I kept checking out a cookbook of things that Elvis ate. I need to buy that cookbook instead of just checking it out of the library. :-)

andrée said...

what an outstanding great post! thank you! You're keeping me clicking!


Awesome, Andree. Thank you for visiting my blog. I try to vary my diet. I have thyroid problems (hypo now due to my thyroid slowly trying to burn out) but my doctor says that my cholesterol,etc. is absolutely wonderful....that he wishes his other patients had numbers like mine. Though I have tried a lot of different foods, I still want to expand my comfort zones. Life is fun. :-)


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