Monday, September 08, 2008

Always looking at light fixtures....

As frequent readers know (and easy to figure out), I want to open a coffee shop at some point in the fairly near future. I spend a lot of time figuring out equipment/furnishings....atmosphere is important.

This evening looking at Farrey's is a fourth-generation company. :-) I would imagine that the showrooms are beautiful.Farrey's offers hundreds of thousands of light fixtures! There are a lot of things for me to look through in my search for the perfect atmosphere....with perfect functionality.

Depending on the height of whatever facility I go with, I will be using ceiling fans and ceiling light fixtures. I think that, knowing my penchant for finding new things, I will need every bit of wall space possible. Besides, ceiling fans might save on the air conditioning. :-)

The only thing that I fret about when I think of overhead lighting/fans is cleaning. This is the first time that I have ever found brushes for sale. Dusty/dirty ceiling fans make me sick....from looking at them and from the ALLERGIES! With easily usable brushes, even chandeliers might be nice.

Of course, chandeliers involve a little extra maintenance (more pieces). In my ideal world, the more romantic chandeliers would be affordable. I don't think employees will like the cleaning routine on the 20 Light Romance Chandelier by Metropolitan...but this sure would be beautiful.

A business requires such a variety of light fixtures. This includes bathroom light fixtures.....gloomy bathrooms at food establishments are the worst. Nothing like going to visit a dungeon between meals. I want adequate lighting.

I like looking at sites like this....they make me think about all the elements that go into maintaining a facility.When I do figure out EXACTLY what I am going with...I am glad that there are companies like this that have competitive pricing. Someday, it will all fall together. :-)

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