Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thursday Thirteen...... :-) :-) :-)

1. Katrina volunteer on the run with 5 children. Think about it: What would you do in this situation if you were each of the parties involved? I am thinking about the fact that these children have been through a lot.

2. The $12 computer?

3. Celebrities without makeup. Some look pretty close to the same and some are radically different looking. Do you think that you would recgonize all of them without makeup?...even after staring for a long time?

4. When was the last time you wrote your spouse a love letter?

5. The Chapman family speaks about their grief/coping since Maria Sue died. I cried while reading this.

6. Complete PC in a keyboard. A nice PC at that. I am just not sure how useful I could make it as you still have to plug it into a monitor.



Sangria is one of the soaps that I ordered. Soap Sushi is having a sale! I am excited to smell the three scents in the "Cocktail Bar" set that I ordered. Expect a review. :-)

8. Millennium Falcon birthday cake

9. Some of what the life of the average rich person is like in China

10. "Order Up"...a new cooking game for the Wii. I do not own a Wii...but if/when I do, this will be one of the first games that I get. The animation is pretty simple but it looks like there is a lot of humor and a variety of cooking environments/tasks. I would hope that increasingly complex sequels are made. :-)

11. Handmade Chenille Tutorial

12. Having liposuction done on your shoulders is a new trend? This not a procedure that is done for obesity by the way. If you could afford this, would you have such a surgery?

13. What do you have to look forward to for this Summer?

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