Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Should Bin Laden's driver get life in prison?

Apparently, being someone's driver is now "guilt by association." I don't understand. I did not read of any actions other than driving a political leader around that would indicate this man supported terrorism. I did not see any indication in my reading that this man even witnessed any terrorism. What do you think?

Reading further, I have found that Mr. Hamdan did not know about September 11 before it occured. He "did not quiet Al Qaeda" after finding out the consequences of the attacks....but was only a driver until the end of 2001 at the latest. I have not read if he is still a member of Al Qaeda....nor do I really know if he was a member of Al Qaeda (or merely a driver).

The judge in the case is trying to have at least some chance of Hamdan getting a fair sentence.

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