Saturday, August 02, 2008

Samples....I love trying new things.

I haven't visited Free Sample Forager in a, today was the day to catch up.

I sent for:
-----"Seattle's Best Coffee", of course, is my fave sample to try. I chose their most popular blend..."Seattle's Best Blend." Seattle's Best Blend is supposed to be really smooth. I will blog about when I try this coffee. I told them that I would like to take part in future online surveys and signed up for e-mails/special offers. :-) The screen flashed pretty quickly but I think that it is supposed to arrive in 6-8 weeks.
-----The Quiznos mailing list. You get a coupon for a free sammie. They also give you a free cookie on your birthday. I haven't been to Quizno's in a long time because the one that I was going to always had soggy bread. I will try them again...but not the same restaurant. Later:To my surprise, I have already signed up for the Quiznos mailing list. It must have been during a time when I was more opened-minded towards their chain. Well then...I will remember that I should get birthday cookies...and retrieve whatever my password info is.
-----Scott Xtreme Rags...a cleanup tool. I always like trying new cleaning products...and always seem to running out of those that I like.
-----Barack Obama pin. I still have no idea whom I am voting for.Wanting to make my vote count, it will be Obama or McCain...but I don't know which one yet.
-----Gillette Shampoo and Conditioner. I will be blogging what Husband thinks of this one...and whether I like the smell/texture produced by its use. :-) It takes up to 4 weeks to arrive. It is a sample from Walmart. Walmart always ask me if I am willing to fill out a questionnaire about their samples but then never sends me one....I must e-mail them soon about these phantom questionnaires. I am caught up with my foraging of the Free Sample Forager site. :-)

On a separate note....not free but good price for a novelty pin. This is a campaign/"Cthulhu for President" parody pin.

"Azathoth" is an H.P. Lovecraft character often referred to as "The Idiot God." Azathoth is blind,idiotic,very powerful and people follow him as if enthralled. It is said that only the criminally insane would knowingly follow Azathoth. Azathoth reminds me of Gaius Baltar on Battlestar Galactica. :-)

H.P. Lovecraft is a horror writer (monsters and such) who is often compared to Edgar Allen Poe.

There is a "McCain or Insane pin," too.

Available at:

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