Monday, August 04, 2008

To Cook or Not to Cook

  1. Salmonella...not that salmonella. This is being REMOVED because we just don't do well with grilling....someone always gets burnt, the timing on other foods doesn't work, Doggie has abnormal interest in trying to get to the grill,etc. No grilling recipes for now.
  2. Lizard Tongues on Crackers...Thank you, to Payaso for the suggestions on where to buy lizard tongues. :-) The recipe involves cooking the lizard it STAYS.
  3. Deep-Fried Beer Battered Pizza...STAYS.
  4. Homemade Bacon do strain out the fat. :-) REMOVING....not sure how long bacon keeps in vodka despite research.
  5. Bacon cups for taco bowls. REMOVING. Aesthetically pleasing....but I see no possible way this could enhance the taste of anything. Seems like it would cumbersome to try to eat and one wouldn't end up eating it along with the food (or it would just be a variation on a BLT or the like).
  6. Chocolate-covered bacon. I would love to see you blog this one if you try the recipe. In the comments of the recipe, someone suggested making Chocolate-Covered McNuggets. I will be trying a chocolate-covered McNugget....but I am not expecting to be a big fan. :-) STAYS.
This is the sorting phase of my "Food Comfort Zones 101" project. I am learning a lot about what I can/will and can't/won't do culinary-wise. :-)

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