Sunday, August 03, 2008

Find apartments,roommates and sublets. The site covers many major cities...I would like to see it expand (and think it will with time). One can both search and post for roommates.

The site is available to those looking for housing in the United States,Canada and the UK. At first it looks like only larger cities are covered....but I started entering in some of the medium-sized metropolitan areas and got plenty of results. There are over 800,000 listings on here right now.

The site follows the Equal Housing rules. Roomster discourages posters from mentioning sex,race,religion,sexual orientation, etc. requirements. If you choose to, you can include your age/sex in your profile and there is the ability to search by age/sex. :-)

Roomster was founded in 2003. It includes a lot of helpful features....Instant Messenger,"Show Interest", Hot lists,Google Maps to make location-finding easier and the ability to flag inappropriate profiles.

Being a member is free. If you would like a mailbox on Roomster itself, there is a subscription cost. There are different options for continuing service once you do not immediately need Roomster anymore. You don't necessarily have to create a new profile every time you are searching for housing.

If you don't yet have an apartment...but still need to find a roommate, Roomster helps you do both. It's called "Apts-to-Share."

Anyway....neat site. :-) I am not looking for a roommate...obviously...but I was helping someone search for one recently and wish that I had figured out that it wasn't just major cities covered. I do have a few people in mind that I might

A lot of the people on here are interesting. Makes you want to take on a roommate. :-)

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