Friday, August 22, 2008

Playing with Banzai....

This evening a lot of time was spent with my new Banzai game. I play a lot of games but I don't always play them traditionally.

Banzai is a DVD-betting game from ScreenLife Games. It is entertaining and I am enjoying playing with it.

Unfortunately, the game players that I know only want to play their own games and have their own rather complex projects to work on....don't take this as an insult if you know I am talking about you. I just have to find ways to still be able to experience things and have fun....I have come to accept this.

Anyway....we have been slowly watching the clips from the game. Right now, I am winning by one point. There is no betting of the plastic sushi pieces using chopsticks involved....but I will be using them to do some fun photography. I will also be using them when I have people over who are more willing to play a game fully in its traditional manner.

Anyway....I like the humor in the game. The "Stupid Dog" clip was funny in that it reminded me of some of the things that our very eager Doggie might do. The Frisbee Bell clip made us laugh....I smiled at the singing part. You will have to play the game and see some of this....this is a spoiler-free game review. :-)

Doggie actually joined us in playing. Doggie now owns one of the hakimachi (headbands) provided in the game. I have tied it around Doggie's neck like a collar to train Doggie to wear clothing (will need to when it gets colder or if we travel anywhere colder). I am also using it to train Doggie not to eat paper. So far, the hackimachi is surviving and it is helping a lot. See...I told you I am non-traditional in my games. :-)

Doggie chasing the hakimachi and attempting to taking it off was the funniest moment of the evening. Doggie and Banzai hakimachi=cute.

Don't worry, if you are playing with me....I keep Doggie's slightly licked hakimachi in a separate location from the rest of the game. I won't make you wear a dog-licked hakimachi. :-) :-) :-)

GoodFriend said that he would wear a real hakimachi when I asked him if he would wear one while we were playing with the Banzai game. I am now going to make him a hakimachi for when he is working on projects...he doesn't know that yet though. :-)

I have sorted all the gamepieces out by color and put them into Ziploc bags for quicker game set-up. I recommend you do this to if you get the game. One of the best things about this game is that it is so lively....the game pieces and accessories are colorful. This is an ACTION game.....I LOVE IT!

The Banzai game is based off a show of the same name. A show that I will be seeking out episodes of....both to be entertained and to attempt to add to my game options. I intend to use this game in some way with a lot of multi-part things that I watch.

ScreenLife Games is at it again. They launched a new Banzai game. Check it out:

I like that the animation of this game looks awesome. I don't know if it is due to the fact that I have an HD monitor....or just the sheer effort put into the game. It is pretty. It makes me realize that I need more color in my life....and that is what games should be about-adding color to your life. :-)

The game has plenty of clips of Tako the Octo....Tako even has his own MySpace. Tako is a cephalopod...and we like cephalopods around here. People who play a lot of games would possibly understand what cephalopod I was referring to when I made the last comment (Cthulhu). :-)

I will be making a friend request to Tako. :-) I already own a Banzai game....but for those that don't there is an interesting limited time offer on Tako's My Space. If you add Tako to your Top 8, you can get a FREE Banzai game sent to you. AWESOME OFFER.

What games have you played lately??? Later today, we plan to play more has been fun and funny. The game can be ordered on the Banzai website.

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My name is Andy. said...

I'm visiting from ICLW and it sounds like you've found yourself a cool game!


Kristin said...

That sounds like a fun game. I have to admit that I am addicted to Disney's Toontown.


It is a really cool game. Makes us laugh. :-)


I have never played Toontown....and will have to at some point. :-)

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