Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Husband named this for me..."Rose-In-Law" is one of mother-in-law's roses.

1. People who desert the army and flee to Canada are now being deported back to the U.S.-where they are placed in detention. Do you approve or disapprove of this?

2. I must thank "Sweetsfoods" for finding this and putting it on Stumble Upon. Imagine how many family/traditional recipes are just lost.

3. A blogger's account of her visit to a crocodile farm

4. Brown sugar frosting. I think that I have some powdered sugar in the pantry. I should try this. Recipe found on the Recovered Recipes blog (which I mentioned as my Number 2 item on this list). :-)


Marina, the person whose small business I have invested in, is 83% paid back. :-) Kiva works by having a lot of people lend little amounts so that a person with need can get the funds and make a better life. I wish that we had a similar service here in the United States...or that people from the United States were listed on Kiva.

6. I am so close to having offset a pound of carbon via my blog. Making my website's environmental footprint a little smaller. :-) This is not the only carbon offset activity that I have done with this blog. :-)

7. Doggie learned to "shake" this Thursday....and on only the fifth try! :-) How do you teach a dog to "beg"???....Doggie gets confused on "beg." Doggie is amazing....can do back flips (not on command) among other things.

8. I have a Neopet called "TheBluestJubJub." My JubJub always wears blue argyle socks. :-) The BluestJubJub likes to play Dice-A-Roo and is currently on a quest for one of the Fairies (having no luck). Eventually, I am going to do a "101 Things" post about TheBluestJubJub. :-)
Do you play Neopets?

The soap that I ordered from Soap Sushi arrived today. Here it is sitting on my kitchen table! :-) It was really exciting to get and so carefully packaged. I got the Cocktail Bar Set...Whiskey Sour,Margarita and Sangria. There were also little soap favors in the package...which I will photograph at some other point. :-) Doggie liked the Pina Colada soap favor scent so much that I am having to take extra special care for it not to become a doggie treat. :-) even have a blog. :-) Here is the code/details for their August Sale....25% off!

10. Breeni Books is having a giveaway. Two Christian Childrens' books.

11. On Friday there will be a press conference...Big Foot has been found???

12. "How Much Time Would Bin Laden's Doctor Serve?"

13. I didn't know that the American Red Cross has Dog First Aid classes. If I can find one, I will definitely go....and blog about it. I will also definitely blog about Doggie First Aid at some point. :-)


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1. NurseExec
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NurseExec said...

I really enjoyed your 13--very eclectic and thought provoking. Drop by and see me :)


I love being told that something I do is favorite style of anything. I like when people try to be themselves. I think when a person truly explores their interests, you almost always come up with something eclectic.

I will come and see you. :-)

Alice Audrey said...

Recovered Recipes is great! Thanks for the link.

My TT is at


I am glad that you liked the Recovered Recipes site. I think it is important to preserve personal and global heritage. :-)

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