Friday, August 15, 2008

Not in the market for engagement rings....but an anniversary ring at some point. :-)

Wow....James Allen Professional Jeweler. There is a LOT of variety on here.

I am particularly fond of the loose diamonds. I like rings where you pick all the individual elements....usually ending up with something totally unique. Besides, then you can get a better stone and go with something sturdy for the mounting.

James Allen even offers "Heart and Arrows" diamonds. Less than 1% of the diamonds in the world meet this elite classification. I don't think that I have ever seen a Heart and Arrow diamond (though I have seen diamonds with no visible flaws....very pretty). Next time I go to look at jewelry, I will have to ask to see a Heart and Arrow diamond. :-)

This is your own diamond studs. I like that there is variety in the price range....from a hundred-something to a thousand-something. These earring sets range from 1/2 to 10 carats in total weight.

As far as diamond studs go...I had earrings with nice stones when I was growing up and think this is a wonderful gift for a young lady. If nothing else, an investment piece can really help one a little if finances are REALLY dire.

Like I said in the title, I would really like an anniversary ring at some point. Husband has said that I will be receiving one....but the jeweler that we had picked has gone out of business. So, now we have to start all over again on picking something out...who knows, maybe it will be more beautiful. :-)

James Allen offers free-shipping and has a 30-day return policy. The entire buying process is all conducted on a secure site...with several layers of security (including encryption).

I like having a return option....there are so many photos on the website but a photo is not the same as seeing a real ring. This is as close to seeing rings in person as one can get via the Internet. I was very impressed by the efforts to show what the rings/stones are actually like.

Education on how to pick out a good diamond

Mens' Collection
diamond rings
engagement rings

Gemstone jewelry....I would have to see it in person but right now I am enamored of this opal pendant that is only 80 dollars. Elegant but slightly shiny....that is the look I often like for jewelry. :-)

I am a Breakfast Club, of course, I thought of that movie while writing this post. :-) :-)

Oh, and, of course, I am fond of the Blue Sapphire Butterfly ring. :-)

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