Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mongo Tickets re-visited.....

I blogged about Mongo tickets earlier in the month. I went back this evening to look at a few of the show listings....and figure out anything that I might like to go to. I love figuring out how to have an adventure. site that offers sports, concert and theater tickets.

"Theater" includes comedy shows, family shows and several other genres. :-) I was excited when I discovered this evening that the site includes musicals! I didn't even know that "The Wedding Singer" was something one could see as a musical (it plays in Atlantic City).

I was amazed by the number of venues included...and the fact that tickets are offered for so many days of the shows.

I hope that I get to a lot of these shows...some are someday hopes....some are someday-soon hopes. Life is fun....when you actually plan on following through with adventure ideas. One should have plenty of adventures. :-)

Things I could do:
-----Wicked Tickets. I could go in complete wicked witch costume. I could maybe even go sight-seeing in such a costume. I am particularly excited about doing something like, I hope that Wicked runs long enough. :-) :-) :-) Does Wicked take place in Kansas?....if so it would be nice if there were a show in Kansas (there is not). Maybe I could go through some of the Oz places in Kansas on the way to see this.
-----I would like it if Billy Joel tickets became available again. Someday, I am going to learn the lyrics to "We Didn't Start the Fire"-though I don't know if Billy Joel still performs this at his concerts. Someday, I am going to do a fun post detailing all the events/people mentioned in this song. Fun. :-)
-----I am excited to figure out if "9 to 5" is the production that Dolly Parton is helping with. :-) I would take a lot of pictures of this project that I will blog about someday. :-)

-----Beach Boys Tickets
-----Young Frankenstein
-----"Cats" tickets
-----Kenny Rogers tickets

I have never been to a professional sport event. There are plenty to choose from. :-)
-----New England Patriot Tickets
-----Boston Red Sox Tickets
-----Dallas Cowboys Tickets

-Mongo guarantees that tickets are 100% authentic...this is done by careful checking of all listed vendors.
-Mongo carries tickets fpr 9 out of 10 professional ticket sales companies.

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