Friday, August 29, 2008

In My Life......

-----Toilet-from-hell is almost fixed. This has been a project that has taken hours. The stupid thing was leaking and getting pretty much everything stuck. Repairs involved completely uprooting toilet and installing/replacing/cleaning all sorts of things that I don't understand. Tiles and possibly parts of floor have to be replaced. Further parts are recommended for the toilet,too. Wow. I am so not a plumber.
-----Doggie is pretty scared of the whole plumbing process. My main job for the day has been Doggie Calmer.
-----Well at least we got to have Burger King for many areas in the kitchen are being used to work on the various toilet issues.
-----I won't have to rant about Bathroom Mushrooms on my blog anymore....I hope. Bathroom Mushrooms are caused by leaks. Supposedly, they are edible. Yuck and double yuck.

Toilet Adventures....yug.

-----Read that dogs are soothed by classical music. Doggie is a little soothed by classical music....a little.

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