Wednesday, August 27, 2008

In My Life.....

-----Re-watching "V is for Vendetta." When I get the time, I want to look at some up some of the issue/events that this movie satires...I used to have a list somewhere in my bookmarks.
-----My Wandering Jew plants are not liking the drafts from cooling the house. I am going to try to put the jars they are in (I grow them only in water) inside a pickle jar....then put some pretty wrap with holes punched in the top. This should increase the humidity which fans and so on are depriving them of. I hope this works as I am losing leaves quickly.
-----Jon Bon Jovi (and possibly Bruce Springsteen) are supposed to perform when Obama accepts the Democratic nomination. I will actually watch that then. :-)
-----I am not sure (at all)of whom I am voting for. I wonder when I will figure it out. I have been comparing Obama and McCain's stances on issues....but I am still undecided as to which I agree with more (and/or disagree with less on some things).

This is a picture of the pretty soap set that I purchased from
-I have now unwrapped the Margarita scented bar and put it on a pretty plate in my bathroom. The Margarita bar is the green one....beautiful and bright colors. :-)
-I will post a picture each bar out of the wrapping before I start using them. I think that they will make some pretty photographs. I love documenting little happy moments in life like this.
-I have designated this soap for my use only. :-)
-Here is the code/details for their August Sale....25% off! There is still time left in August. :-)

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