Sunday, August 24, 2008

In My Life......

-----Cautiously tried ONE berry in my yard....felt OK doing this as very few things are actually poisonous and I have done considerable reading on how to try out plants (survivalist literature). It was red and had the slight smell of currant....but was not a currant. The berry had a slight amount of juice and little tiny seeds somewhat like tomato seeds...smelled like could be a tomato or herb....obviously not a tomato.Bitter but not truly bitter...odd-tasting...did not swallow any...spent a lot of time spitting. Can't really tell if made mouth tingle. Not a hard not holly. Not if sumac, non-poisonous. The berries seem to start green, then orange, then red. Could be honeysuckle according to some of my reading....but I saw no honeysuckle flowers. I will have to ask husband if he saw the flowers.A green vine with yellow on the leaves....the yellow kind of air-brushed looking (I am guessing changing color for Fall). I will use these berries to decorate in vases around the house though. I will try to figure out what they are and how far I must keep them from Doggie (I keep ALL plants from Doggie...poisonous or not). I wish they were currants. I am now obsessed with figuring out what this plant is and if it is edible at some point in its growth. If I get time, I will take a picture of a leaf,berry and stem....and post it.
-----Speaking of things you shouldn't eat/touch....I am finding this poison ivy site very interesting. Apparently, if you can eat poison ivy berries is a frequently asked question! I liked the comment about if their are insects that like to eat poison ivy (with the photo of what it might look like in the Spring).

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