Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In My Life.....

-----Five Things About Gymnast Shawn Johnson. I have been watching the Olympics and really admire her discipline and spirit.
-----Deal or No Deal says that they are giving away the million dollar prize. I have heard them say that before. I will watch, if I have time, to see if this happens. If no one wins after this set of commercials, I am going to be very angry. Maybe I just imagined the implication there was going to be a winner in previous commercials. I KNOW that I didn't mishear this time.
-----I wish that I could do gymnastics. I know though that I would get so injured.
-----We started watching the Sci-Fi production "Headless Horseman" the other day but got too tired to finish. Thus far, I would not recommend it highly.

What is happening in your life?

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