Monday, August 11, 2008

In My Life......

-----Last night I made Stuffed Green Pepper Soup for the first time. It was wonderful. We have leftover hamburger and rice for other meals, too. There sure are a lot of recipes for Stuffed Green Pepper Soup on the Internet.
-----Doggie is not behaving...upset that Husband has stepped out to run more errands than usual in the past few days.

-----Husband found the thrift find of a lifetime and gave it to me as a present. When he went to take it out of the bag he said that he didn't know if I would like be mischievous! I now own a Canon Rebel EOS REALLY good condition,works and only cost twenty dollars. Even came with the manual. Expect photos as soon as I pick up some film and fresh batteries. Thank you, to the good-hearted person who took this to the thrift store. HUSBAND IS THE MOST THOUGHTFUL MAN IN THE WORLD.
-----On the humorous side:Doggie is scared of my new camera...just the sight of it. Doggie has never seen a manual camera. Later: Correct that, Doggie was jealous that Husband was paying attention to the camera. :-)
-----Further find of a lifetime, Husband went back to the thrift store. For another 20 dollars, he got me a Canon AE1 with very nice lens and flash. The flash appears to have been dropped at some point and the camera didn't work at first. After being taken to a camera store, with the insertion of a $9 battery with more life, I have another SPECTACULAR camera.
-----I have not taken photos with them yet, but I am so happy to have a good camera. There is something to be said for looking through a manual camera and for the beauty that can be produced with one.

-----I have a new game. It is called "Banzai" and uses chopsticks. It is a DVD game. I think it will be a lot of fun. :-)
-----The downside of the Olympics is missing "Days of Our Lives." I am watching some soap operas that I don't know the names of on CBS. I will be glad when we get cable...not sure when we will do that again (but definitely before everything becomes digital).

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