Sunday, August 31, 2008

I have no luggage.....

When we go on trips, I pack a few backpacks and a few tote bags and my laptop bag. You can imagine how much of a struggle it is getting from one place to another with five or six bags slung all over oneself. It also takes a long time to pack all these tiny bags not designed for travel. Aside, from the comedy value....this will not work for longer trips.

If all goes well we will be visiting New England next year...for a cruise! Plus, taking a trip to Niagra Falls at some point in the next few years. I also have miscellaneous relative visits planned. I will be needing actual luggage. :-)

I don't need designer luggage...just something functional. Also something I am pretty klutzy and bump into EVERYTHING.

I have been looking through the website of Village Luggage and Gifts. This site carries desk accessories, canes, and assorted gifts....but I am avidly interested in finding a workable luggage set for myself.

I like the ProLite it is professional looking yet affordable. A better choice for me might be the Swiss Army Luggage (remember my clumsy tendency).

Village Luggage and Gifts also carries garment bags and duffel bags....this would be so much better than my usual backpack assortment. I even carry a full-size iron and press clothes when I travel. Perhaps, I would still stow the iron in the car....perhaps I should have done this all along instead of lugging things. Anyway new bags would help a lot. :-)

Monogramming is free and that goes a little way to keeping one's luggage safer. I am not a big airport person....but for a few of the trips this will be necessary. Besides, monogramming just makes me feel special. Monogramming can also be done free for leather goods and briefcases.

Unlike a lot of luggage stores, there is also free shipping on many items.

:-) Gift wrapping is also free of charge. :-) My mention of this part could be seen as a hint for anyone who wants to fill in the smaller pieces of my set for me. I will likely go with the ProLite line....professional looking,neutral and easily transportable.

Then, of course, I shall have to personalize the luggage in some way....a project worthy of blogging. I would do something fun that could be removed for business travel. STAY TUNED. :-)

1-888-LUG-4-YOU (1-888-584-4968)


Jack Georges Ladies Brief....I like the light blue color.
Wheeled Computer Brief....looks like a purse and laptop bag at same time. Pretty leather.

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