Sunday, August 24, 2008

I am a good Phone Call Detective.... :-)

I use a variety of different reverse phone lookup tools when I have problems with harrasment/telemarketers,etc....I don't believe in just sitting back and taking the stress of a prank call(s) (or junk calls).If you call me and decline/deliberately choose not to identify yourself, I will more than likely find out at least something about you and what your motivation for harassing me is. I will then call or send a message that said action needs to stop and what I will do if it doesn't.

One of the things that I do is see if I can find out what number called. If the number is not given from the cell phone (for instance, didn't leave a message on a landline), I am a big advocate of paying a little to trace the last incoming call.

After I obtain the number, I first Google it, then use a reverse phone lookup tool. Sometimes, I see if Directory Assistance has any info on the number.

There are a lot of reverse phone lookup services like While, reverse phone lookups don't give all details all the time, they can let you have a general idea of where the person is calling from or where there phone service is based out of. You can use TraceNumber to attempt to trace any phone number in the United States or Canada. :-)

TraceNumber not only gives the name but also the address of the person. I would say that if an address was found.....make sure to OBEY ALL LAWS in your efforts to get the person to stop their behavior.

For those new to this, it is a confidential service...that means that the person who called will not know that you were verifying who they are. At least this gives you more to work with when calling the police....if you don't know who is harassing you it is very hard to get the police to trace. A lot of times, if it is a non-violent (i.e. drinking buddies who have nothing better to do) situation, simply telling the prank callers that you have their info (and will be contacting the police if they don't stop) gets them to stop....QUICKLY. :-)

I think that TraceNumber would be good for figuring out when your phone bill has charges on it for calls that you did not make. It might also be helpful for figuring out which family member is making long distance calls. :-)


Thumper said...

If I don't recognize the number, I just don't pick up. There are way too many junk calls to make the effort to track them all down...if someone really wants to talk to me, they can leave a message. I might even call back!

Here from Michele's today!


It is the repeat callers that bother me....especially if they say something. Doesn't happen often....usually somebody that I know (and find aggravating anyway).

I had a company who I (correctly) felt I did not owe a debt to....they would call me over 20 times a day and at illegal hours. I did not want to have the stress of a lawsuit...and I had definite grounds to sue. I would find out that the MANY, MANY numbers used belonged to them....and ignore them (or tell them that I knew what was going on when they called). This is the kind of situation where tracing a call can be a tool to restore one's peace.

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