Sunday, August 24, 2008

See a great show..... is a site that offers sports, concert and theater tickets. Theater includes comedy shows, family shows and other genres. :-)

I was amazed by the number of venues included. A lot of the listings have tickets for so MANY days of the show. A person searching for a event in a location that they could travel to appreciates a site like this....I know that I did the first time I looked at the MongoTickets. The first time I took a look at the site, I was intrigued by the thought of getting Wicked Tickets.

There are some stars that Mongo sometimes gets tickets for (though they are not available right now) like Billy Joel,Glen Campbell and The Police, for instance. I would really like to see Billy Joel sing "We Didn't Start the Fire" at some point....and sing along (of course) idea if he still sings that song at concerts. :-)

I not only like to look at ticket sites when I want to attend a particular show, but also to learn about shows that I haven't heard of yet. I haven't found any shows on this site that are unfamiliar to me yet....but I am sure that I will. I am excited to figure out if "9 to 5" is the production that Dolly Parton is helping with. :-)

The tickets are "100% guaranteed." I am somewhat naive because, though I have heard of ticket-scalpers and like scams, I didn't know why one would need to guarantee tickets at first. Mongo carefully checks all vendors that want to list on their site.....for authenticity. that I understand, I am impressed-it looks like that is a lot of work.

Mongo Tickets carries tickets for 9 out of 10 professional ticket companies. :-) I don't know if this means that there are only 10 pro ticket companies or if this means a LOT of companies list on here...not sure.

-----Beach Boys Tickets
-----Young only available for one venue...unsure if the show just has one venue.
-----Kenny Rogers tickets

Boston Red Sox Tickets
New England Patriot Tickets

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