Monday, August 18, 2008

LifeLock....more need for things like this every day.

I have been looking at today....but I don't think it is right for me at this point in time. When I have a lot of cards to keep secure might be very beneficial for me to try....we'll see. LifeLock is America's Number 1 Identity Theft Protection Program. :-)

I have been reading in the news ( that LifeLock has developed a "Comprehensive Fraud Advisory Board." This board is to reveal/study the new trends in identity fraud. The board members listed in the article come with some pretty impressive credentials. This is a good idea as combating identity theft is getting harder...a problem that grows worse every day.

It is not only the sheer number of identity theft attempts that is is the METHODS USED. The stuff that I have been reading about is mainly in the form of someone pretending to be a person delivering crucial/bad news (i.e. pretending to be the military informing a person that their spouse has been injured). Immediately following any country's tragedy anymore, I get horrible e-mails asking for "help"....I just don't understand how anyone could fictionalize to such a point in the face of so much suffering and pain that others are actually enduring.

I urge everyone to verify,verify,verify before and after giving personal info....and know the proper/only channels that each business/organization uses to deliver announcements. Let me just say, by the way, that I am APPALLED by some of the scams that I have read of.

It can take hours/months to repair a compromised identity. Some of us don't have that kind of time and aren't able to easily/willingly deal with the stress....these people should really try the 30-day-trial/reduced cost portion of LifeLock (Promotion Code RD32).

-Replaces cards/documents when your purse or wallet is lost/stolen...called "WalletLock." ("WalletLock")
-Places/renews fraud alerts at the credit bureaus. Renewing the alerts is an absolutely crucial step that is easy to forget.
-Performs "ERecon."...scans internet for private info.
-Removes your name from phone solicitation/junk mail lists. the Identity Theft Quiz. :-)

LifeLock guarantees your identity up to a million dollars and the CEO has willingly posted his social security number on the Internet for quiet some time now. That's confidence in one's product. :-)

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