Monday, August 11, 2008

Wedding beautiful. :-)

Wedding Dresses....and wedding accessories. The accessories are covered right down to the lingerie and slips.

Many of the dresses come with special free shipping, free veil, free shoes.

Bridesmaid Dresses...there are dresses on here that can be worn again. Dresses, like the After Six dresses, that may become one's favorite dress. I am planning on taking a closer look at the Bridesmaid Dress section. :-)

Bridal Dresses...I love that you can actually see the colors available when you click on the boxes. I usually DETEST strapless-dresses but this Alfred Angelo dress is very pretty...and each color change makes such a difference....AND IT'S NOT TAFFETA (I detest taffeta).

Mother's Dresses...many of which I would wear for dressy occasions. I am intrigued by some of the JDL Boutique Collection by Alyce designs. I like the more conservative neckline dresses. I have several blouses by Alyce designs (if this is the same label that sells at JCPenny). I like this hand-beaded lilac dress...and this is unusual as you don't often find me wearing lilac. :-)

I was surprised to see that there is actually a forum on here....for discussing all things Wedding. :-) A bride can use as many resources as she can alleviate stress and help with decision-making. conforms to Better Business Bureau standards. The company has been in business for almost 30 years! The prices are much more affordable than a LOT of companies.

Clearly, I am already married (as evidenced by the frequent mentions of the very sweet Husband). I do love looking at the dresses and hairstyles though. I actually have subscriptions to some bridal magazines. At one point, I wanted to open a bridal shop.....who knows, it may still happen. :-)

I am also a romantic...who believes in vow renewals. Next time we do this, I will need a dress as my wedding dress is too fragile to be worn many more times (vintage). I don't know what I want for our vow renewal...other than a veil, a tiara and a garden of flowers. :-)

This website also features Prom dresses. :-)


qian said...
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Mother Dress said...

Nice pictures. How about designing your own wedding dress? lol just make sure you select design that not only you will love to look at, but that she will love to wear.

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