Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Exploring Astara. Astara is a Colarado-based skincare company that I had never heard of. Like many skin care lines, Astara tries to meet a variety of skin types...oily,dry,mature skin or serious skin care (that is my thyroid problems give me extremely DRY skin). Plus Astara is Organic!!!

Natural Skin Care (and the more traditional loaded-with-chemicals skincare) has always caused problems for me. I am hoping that I do not have any sensitivities to the ingredients in Astara when I try them. I am always questing for the right skin care product. Despite the dry skin, I somehow manage to get pimples all summer...this makes for a uniquely gross feeling....and allergies on top of it makes my skin feel constantly itchy. I just hope that these products are soothing.

It is promising that Astara really takes the human body into consideration. Astara thinks of the fact that the body needs certain nourishment and environment to heal/rejuvanate. They call their skincare "BioGenic." Astara's products work at the cellular level...I would like to explore more how this works.

Astara claims that their products are "skin food." Things like hydration,detoxification (not one every skincare company addresses) nutrition and balance are taken into account. Yes, I said many companies do you know that discuss balance (other than in the most obligatory manner)?

Astara has ingredients from many places....on land and sea. They do use essential oils...this is the part I always have to be careful with. They also use extracts...again I will have to be careful. It does sound exciting,herbs,nuts,trees and plants from the sea. :-) I always get excited about good ingredients.

One of the newest ingredients is "Totara Tree Essence." Again, something that I had never heard of. It is a plant extract with anti-bacterial properties....and also an anti-oxidant. I have used Tea Tree Oil before (can tolerate it and love the scents it is usually combined with)....well, this is up to a thousand times more potent in anti-microbial activity! I am really excited to experience "Totarol." Only a small amount is needed (from what I understand). Totara is a part of Astara's "Blue Flame Purification products."

It is very apparent to me that Astara takes great care in preparation. The company does not overheat or overprocess. What you get doesn't just smell or feel is more likely to actually WORK. :-)

I am excited about:
Aromatic Seaweed Body has aloe vera.
Bath Moods Kit....things to explore and is a good price.

Natural Skin Care Products
Organic Skin Care Products

You can apply to carry these products in your business. :-)

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