Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Exploring a coupon code site further..... have looked at this site before. I am exploring further this morning. :-)

It shows how behind I can be on some of the fashions. I have never owned a piece of Aeropostale clothing. If I ever became enchanted with one of there pieces, I would definitely use a coupon code.

One that surprised me was that there were codes for "Things Remembered." I didn't know that "Things Remembered" had an online presence. I wonder if there will ever be codes for engraving...I am too tired to remember what but I have something that needs engraving. :-) I had never heard of New Egg, I will have to look around. From what I understand it is a site for advice and parts for assembling computers. There are also some premade computers.

----Proflowers....another one I have never heard of. A flower shop.,luggage,bags. Lots of shoes.
-----Walmart (I have stated before that I am both a protester and a shopper...for various reasons.)
-----Office Depot. A good one for me as I find myself spending a LOT of time purchasing things from them for projects at various points. Enough time that one year I was pricing postage meters to make life easier.

If I didn't have to go to bed as I have guests and a VERY long day tomorrow (today), I would be looking around more. :-)

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