Sunday, August 10, 2008

Car Angel :-)

Car Angel is a division of Angel Ministries. Angel Ministries uses car, boat and house donations to help those in need.

Car Angel helps to:
-Feed the hungry...has funded over 2 million
-Help orphans
-Fund Medical operations. I find it good that Car Angel sponsors "Mercy Ships International"...a well-known charity that provides floating hospitals. Mercy Ships have been praised by both George W. Bush and Tony Blair (yes, I know some might not consider one or both of these a good endorsement.... :-) ...still, it is high-praise when a political leader acknowledges your importance)
-Create childrens' animations
(for instance, Donkey Ollie movie can be requested for free for Church,preschool or other children's groups (postage is even paid!).
-Make anti-drug documentaries
(for instance,
-Provides full scholarships for some universities and majors!Grand Canyon University,for instance, a school that I have considered.
-Back to Work California, Ohio and Georgia...provides college students,those economically in need,single mothers,etc. with a vehicle.
-Provide disaster relief (both in the United States and overseas)

Car Angel:
-Provides quick,FREE nationwide towing
-Is tax deductible...and you receive an instant receipt

Basically how it works (from what I understand):
-Fill out online Donations form. Print a copy.
-Get an instant receipt. Print copy.
-Prepare....sign title documents.
-Driver comes.
-Give driver title,keys and car.
-Download tax receipt.
-Know that you have greatly helped someone(s). :-)

I think that Car Angel is a good option for when someone has passed away and no one needs the car. It is also a good option for someone who no longer needs a car or is looking to alternate forms of transportation to help the environment.

And,of course there is Boat Angel....which I have heard mentioned on several talk shows. Among other things, Boat Angel helps to bring uplifting books into prisons and provides rehabilitation to teen boys.

Car Donations
Donate My Car

I am just amazed by the number of people and variety of ways that Angel Ministries has helped around the world. :-)

Donate Car

1-800-227-2643...connect to a live operator.

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