Friday, August 08, 2008

Boat Angel :-)....and Car Angel.

Via "Angel Ministries," Boat Donations are used to help people who are in need.

The boat donations are used to:
-----Help orphaned children
-----Feed the hungry
-----Create animations for children....and anti-drug documentaries! boys rehabilitation homes.

Boat Angel supports "Mercy Ships." Mercy Ships are floating hospitals that bring medical care and sustainable development to people in need. Depending on what you think of politics, this might not be a ringing endorsement....but both George W. Bush and Tony Blair have said very positive things about Mercy Ships. ...childrens' animation. Talks about faith (in God) and bravery. minute anti-drug documentary. It is a redemption story. :-)

Angel Ministry documentary's have actually won awards. :-) Churches,schools,prison outreaches, etc. can contact Angel Ministeries for a free broadcasting license if they wish to show these.

There is also "FEDERAL CASE" 80 minute teen pregnancy social/religious drama.

Angel Ministries also helps bring uplifting books to prisons. This is neat. I am always saying that I want to minister more to those in prison and I am happy when I am see someone doing so. Your donation could have a VERY POSITIVE effect on society. :-)

When you think about it, your boat (or car) can do a LOT more than originally intended. :-)

Car Donations

Donate Boat< has an online form OR call 1-800-227-2643

How it's done:

-A receipt is sent via e-mail
-A package is sent via snail mail....with a camera so they can get a photo
-You send the package back after taking the photo
-The boat (or are helpful,too) is listed on
-The boat will be picked up in 6-8 business days
-If the boat doesn't sell, Boat Angel will pay to have it stored.

There is a large list of charities to choose from. One can also nominate a charity. Sometimes, the actual boat is given to a needy person....I have heard of this happening on some talk show (the family needed a home).

Of course, this is tax deductible. :-)...and there is no moving expense for when you replace your old boat. A win-DEFINITELY-HELPFUL-TO-SOCIETY-win situation. :-)

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