Saturday, August 16, 2008

Big Foot???

As you may know, it is being claimed that Big Foot has been found. I read that one expert feels that the photo of the body doesn't have the markings of a corpse. Do you think that Big Foot has been found and if so how do you think humans will treat Big Foot?

I am glad that that the Big Foot may have been found...but we should not interfere with there lives. Observe yes...take over and capture, NO.

Something that I did not know about...the body was dragged away from other Big Foot. If this is true,I would assume that means that Big Foot are gentle. Honestly, if this occurs again, it will remind me of taking land from the Indians.

It is not a stretch for me to imagine that these bipeds have feelings and are more intelligent than most apes (just unschooled in the ways of "civilization" instinct or chance). Are humans going to converge on the Georgia forests? I hope the Big Foot have good tomahawks.

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