Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

1. A light bulb that has been burning for 108 years. Is it possible to still make light bulbs this way and would the longevity mean that they were better for the environment?

2. The House votes to let the FDA regulate tobacco

3. President Bush signed the Housing Bill. Let us hope that this provides the relief intended.

4. 50+ Microsoft Word shortcuts....I have really been meaning to go through and learn/re-learn the shortcuts.



I have never known anyone who had blood cancer....but this is a wonderful thing to raise public awareness about. There are neat give-aways involved with this event. Go take a look. :-)

7. A blogger's account of being in the 5.4 earthquake in California

8. "10 Things to Scratch From Your Worry List."
-----I am not worried about the fat in hot dogs...but I do sometimes worry about the nitrates and so on.I do not buy hot dogs when this type of scare is going on.
-----I wonder what the statistics are for the air conditioner depleting the car battery. The last that I had read, air conditioning still does this at least a little.

9. I redeemed some of my MyPoints for a gas card. How are you trying to save on gas?

10. "My Take" of a Stay-At-Home Mama

11. CNet's Digital Home DIY Projects

12. I just signed up as a member of the Peoples' Choice Awards. While voting, I was very upset to learn that Conan O'Brien is taking over The Tonight Show. I am hoping that Jay Leno goes somewhere where he can still do a lot of the routines that he currently does.

13. For the ultra-geeky, Cthulhu campaign pins (and other Cthulhu pins). :-)


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Craft Junkie said...

I am SO glad Bush signed the Housing Bill, too! Maybe it will help thousands of Americans save their homes from foreclosure.

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!


I hope you have a wonderful Thursday,too. We will have to wait and see on the Housing Bill.

Karen (karooch from Scraps of mind) said...

Hi Butterfly. Thanks for linking to me in your Thirteen Things. Although I'm not sure if keeping company with George Bush is good for my reputation:)


Smiling at Karen. :-)

YummY! said...

At 4 watts it wouldn't be very bright. It might last longer and possibly be better energy wise, but so would using a candle.


They did say that they used the light bulb as a night light though. I am just wondering if it could have some potential to bring these kind of light bulbs back.

feefifoto said...

Hey, you quoted me! Thanks for the link -- I appreciate it.

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