Sunday, July 20, 2008

Still working on Food Comfort Zones 101

  1. Salmonella...not that salmonella. Speaking of which...the salmonella warning on U.S. tomatoes has been lifted! The warning on certain peppers HAS NOT.
  2. Lizard Tongues on Crackers...Thank you, to Payaso for the suggestions on where to buy lizard tongues. :-)
  3. Deep-Fried Beer Battered Pizza
  4. Homemade Bacon Vodka
  5. Bacon cups for taco bowls.
  6. Chocolate-covered bacon. I would love to see you blog this one if you try the recipe. In the comments of the recipe, someone suggested making Chocolate-Covered McNuggets.
  7. Spam Shake
  8. Louisiana Sweet Fish Pie
  9. The Fools Gold Loaf...I have to try this because I am Elvis-obsessed. I have known about this sandwich for years.
  10. McNugget McBurger Pizza
  11. Fillet of Whale with Mushroom Sauce
  12. Hawaiian Caribou
  13. Chunky Cat Barf....don't worry.
  14. Chicken Noodle Pistachio Pound Cake
  15. Garlic Ice Cream
  16. Schnitzel Pop Tarts
  17. Legendary Sandwich
  18. The Fattest Luther Burger Ever...I don't know why but I find it super-repulsive.
  19. The Super Burger Dog
  20. "Mega Hamburger 3"
  21. Tasty Amsterdam Mashed Potatoes with Sauerkraut
  22. Lobster Tails with Sherry Stuffing...the stuffing is Stovetop Stuffing
  23. Eggs with Cucumbers
  24. Spaghetti-Tuna Buns
  25. "Mega Hamburger 2"
  26. Orange Sauerkraut
  27. Chicken Pickletelli
  28. The Scotch Ostrich Egg
  29. Rutabaga Cake
  30. The 100% Bacon Burger (and Tim's Cascade Habanero Chips)
  31. Deviled Ostrich Egg
  32. Buffalo Chicken, Bleu Cheese and Potato Chip Balls
  33. Bacon Cheese Bacon Burger
  34. Tuna-Noodle Luncheon Mold...noodles in Jello.
  35. Masked Hot Dogs...again Jello.
  36. wildwilly's Paradise Burger
  37. Bacon Popcorn
  38. Chocolate Popcorn
  39. The Hot Dog Loaf
  40. Bacon Carmel
  41. Rose Petal Soup
  42. Cactus Candy
  43. "Another Weird PB Sandwich"
  44. A "weird lasagna" recipe
  45. The Bacon,Cheese and Beer Dog
  46. Macaroni, Cheese and Mini hot-dog Tiramisu
  47. Nacho Burrito on a Pizza
  48. Jelly Belly Giant Cookie Pizza
  49. Spring Turnips with Greens and Raisins
I have a purpose for compiling this list of recipes. This will be a list of 101 "weird recipes" and I will write about what I have learned by preparing them. When I am done with the first 101, then I will start another set. :-)

This should be INTERESTING. I expect to learn a little about cooking and a little about myself (and those that I can get to brave my experiments). :-)

I am still in the composition/modification phase of the list. Stay tuned.

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