Tuesday, July 01, 2008

WeightLossDietHelp.com...a starting point for my Diet efforts

WeightLossDietHelp.com is a site that gives a basic summary of popular weight loss and diet programs. The site details money-saving offers available for the various programs. WeightLossDietHelp.com includes some articles with healthy diet tips to help you lose weight quickly

Programs discussed (each with coupons and deals):
-----Medifast...Lose up to twenty pounds in one month.Healthy foods are delivered to you. Even has programs for diabetics! Extensive online support. (Medifast coupons)
-----Jillian Michaels...this is the tough woman from "The Biggest Loser." I admire Jillian Michaels.
-----Ediets.com....can choose from over 22 diets. Includes recipes!...that part excites me....shows you how to combine the foods into something tasty. :-)
-----Nutrisystem...another program that delivers food to you. (Nutrisystem coupons)
-----Weight Watchers....maybe I could do this if somebody would explain the "Points" system to me. I always admire the people who can figure this out so easily. It actually seems like a fun program. (Weight Watchers coupons)
-----Diet to Go...follows dietary guidelines from the American Heart Association, American Dietetic Association and American Cancer Society
-----South Beach Diet....MANY recipes :-)

I will soon be choosing one of these diets to follow or some combination of these. Now, that my thyroid problem has started balancing itself out, I am hoping to be able to successfully diet....I already exercise a lot. We shall see....must consult with my doctor.

I am leaning towards either something on the Ediets site or Jillian Michaels. I want something that is disciplined but with a lot of variety and the ability to actually cook. What diet, fitness and exercise efforts/improvements are you making? Set a goal.

Also: I must look for a recipe for something that I can use to make healthy toasts....one of the ways that I am going to reward myself for healthy and longterm improvement. Stay tuned for silly celebrations. :-)

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