Friday, July 25, 2008

Renuzit TriScents.....


This week I have started trying out Renuzit TriScents...a scented oil air freshener. This is a unit that plugs into the wall and has three scents that transition every 45 minutes. I am enjoying the product though it is taking a while for me to figure out what it is truly going to be like in my home.

The intensity of the scent can be adjusted by a button on the side. At first, the button was, I set the unit to the max scent (as I was getting no scent).
Day Three and it seems to be working very well. :-)

As soon as it could be smelled, those who were in my house who had allergies started getting concerned. Thus far, this has been alright for the allergy-sufferers. That rarely happens. :-)

The scents that I have:
Waterfall Mist
After the fave so far.
Pure Breeze
These are the "Morning Meadow Collection." The Morning Meadow collection is supposed to give one's home a fresh,energetic tone.

The unit was really easy to use...holds three bottles in a little framework...these bottles plug into the dispenser which plugs into the wall. The plug is adjustable for outlets that are sideways. This was a little loose in my outlet....but seems to be alright.

There is also a "Seaside Breezes Collection":
Relaxing Waves
Beach Breezes
Ocean Oasis
The Seaside Breezes Collection is to help introduce a cool,calm feeling to the home. :-)

Visit and print a coupon for the Renuzit TriScents Starter Kit.

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Dreams Come True said...

I've been wanting to try those, so thanks for that review. Now, I'm going to install one in the bathroom where I keep my cat's litter box... see if it helps do the trick in between cleanings! :D


I think it might help...when I put in on the max setting for a bit, my bathroom started smelling really fresh. I have to overcome bathroom mushrooms every-once-in-a-while due to the fact that my toilet is not installed correctly and is perspiring/TINY leak. Now, my bathroom consistently smells fresh and has a fresh new scent. I am very satisfied with this product so far.

I am not sure how often you have to refill.

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