Thursday, July 17, 2008

Food Comfort Zones 101

-----Salmonella...not that salmonella. Speaking of which...the salmonella warning on U.S. tomatoes has been lifted! The warning on certain peppers HAS NOT.
-----Lizard Tongues on Crackers...where does one buy lizard tongues?
-----Deep-Fried Beer Battered Pizza
-----Recipe for Homemade Bacon Vodka
-----How to make bacon cups for taco bowls.
-----Chocolate-covered bacon. I would love to see you blog this one if you try the recipe. In the comments of the recipe, someone suggested making Chocolate-Covered McNuggets.
-----Spam Shake
-----Louisiana Sweet Fish Pie
-----The Fools Gold Loaf...I have to try this because I am Elvis-obsessed. I have known about this sandwich for years.
-----The McNugget McBurger Pizza
-----Fillet of Whale with Mushroom Sauce
-----Hawaiian Caribou
-----Chunky Cat Barf....don't worry.
-----Chicken Noodle Pistachio Pound Cake
------Garlic Ice Cream
-----Schnitzel Pop Tarts
-----Legendary Sandwich
-----The Fattest Luther Burger Ever...I don't know why but I find it super-repulsive.
-----The Super Burger Dog
-----"Mega Hamburger 3"
-----Tasty Amsterdam Mashed Potatoes with Sauerkraut

I have a purpose for compiling this list of recipes....stay tuned and you will see. :-) You will be seeing this list (still in the composition/modification phase) often as I may be making a lot of these. Stay tuned. :-)


payaso said...

lizard asia, 3rd world counntries or any exotic area.


So maybe I can order them from a market in Asia (online). Possibly, I could go to somewhere like Chinatown here in the states.

I had a rattlesnake dish on this list but removed it due to the fact that I couldn't find any place that I trusted enough to get a whole rattlesnake safely prepared.

Expanding ones food comfort zones is a educational process....definitely. After a while, I expect to have quiet a buildup of knowledge on International/Regional Cuisines.

This will be fun. :-)


P.S. THANK YOU, for the suggestion. :-)

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