Tuesday, July 01, 2008

life of Me

-----Reading more about the recent phone conversation between Bill Clinton and Obama. Apparently, Bill Clinton wants to campaign for Obama. Every "source" says something different as to whether Bill and Barack are on good terms.
-----There will apparently be an Oliver Stone movie called "W."
-----Read about how Iran has dug 320,000 graves....they say that this is out of concern for foreign soldiers who might die should their be a war. They specifically pointed out Vietnam and are prepared for the possibility of mass graves. What do you think of this?

-----Watching "America's Got Talent." Right now people's pets are preforming. The pets are not doing so well...at all. Our dog is amazing like "Tucker"....but needs obedience school in a major way. Someday though, I will take Dog 1 to shows....everyone calls Dog 1 a "circus dog." Doggie acrobatics can be fun....after obedience school.
P.S. Dog 1 and Dog 2 are what I call the doggies when online. :-)

-----There was a man that sang like Frank Sinatra on "America's Got Talent"....Frank Sinatra's favorite song "Fly Me to the Moon. I don't think that the singer was as strong as Sinatra at singing this song. I also felt that the singer sounded more Sinatra-like when he spoke....then his voice was a lot like Sinatra. This man auditioning was very brave and mainly confident....for some reason he/Sinatra started reminding me a little of Ed McMann.

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