Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pastor Bob's Sermons

Pastor Bob Botsford preaches to all ages. His message is simple,frank and powerful.The sermons move along at a comfortable pace and ask a lot of pertinent questions. Emphasis is placed on learning and applying the principles of the Bible.

Pastor Bob has served in the ministry of Young Life and Youth Development Inc. Pastor Bob currently ministers at Horizon North County. He is also the CEO of Horizon Prep and Preschool.

I find the most impressive that:
-Pastor Bob currently serves on the Advisory Board for the Billy Graham School of Evangelism
-is the host/ teacher on "Testify" (a daily radio program broadcast in Southern California on KWVE 107.9 FM and KPRZ 1210 AM)

Pastor Bob has earned three master's degrees (MA, MBA and MDiv) and a doctorate (DMin). Pastor Bob is married and has three children. :-)

Recent messages by Pastor Bob include: Missions Weekend 2008, "Bridges of Healing" and Emerging Dangers in the "Emergent Church"
I like that prayer and applicable scripture passages are woven into each lecture. :-) Yes, you would think that this should be a given...but believe me I have been to MANY Churches were things are just read at you and no one really participates in anything (other than reciting mechanically).
-----And for us Internet/I-pod savvy people, there are Podcasts!

I LIKE the fact that there is an extensive list of study questions for the sermons on the Horizons site. It is good when a Church actually expects you to think further about what is said on Sundays. Real "Church" should be everyday. :-)

I Want a Better Marriage...sermon series. I enjoy listening to this type of thing. Husband and I listened to several marriage lectures by Gary Chapman ("The Five Love Languages")....but we have no opportunity to go and hear him this year, so I am thinking of listening through this series instead. :-) It is always good to make an effort to strengthen one's marriage. :-) times are listed in the "About Us" section
6365 El Apajo Road, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Dr. Bob Botsford - Senior Pastor
(next to Helen Woodward Animal Center)


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