Monday, July 07, 2008

Soon you could be eating unchicken.....

Many Canadian Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants have agreed to serve "unchicken." PETA would like other KFC's (including the United States) to serve unchicken.

-----"Unbeef or Unchicken Gluten/Seitan Steaks"
-----UnChicken Ala King
-----Lemon Unchicken Wraps
-----Kevin's Sort Hawaiian Unchicken

Some people can not eat soy....I am one of them. Sometimes I do eat small amounts....but I am NOT supposed to. If a person can't eat soy (with me it is due to thyroid issues) and is allergic to eggs...I guess they will not be having KFC.


Mar said...

Oh, the ironies of life: I have chicken in the fridge waiting to be cooked today...
:) Michele sent me to say hello

Shephard said...

You asked what "dolmas" are... sometimes called domadas... they are grape leaves wrapped around rice and flavored with fennel and spices, sometimes veggies, often lamb (tho I don't eat lamb), and cooked for a long time in a crock pot with chicken broth. It's a bit like eating spinach and rice. Very savory. :)



I think I am having chicken for dinner tonight.

I do think that there should be care taken to be less cruel to animals that people eat. Before we got to the point that animals were processed in factories, I think that there was less cruelty.


I had heard of a food called dolmas before....but did not know what it was. I assumed it was something Greek (it is Mediterranean). I see that they go well with Tzatziki (cucumber dip)...also something that I have never had.

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