Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lost Boys: The Tribe (Spoilers)

"Lost Boys: The Tribe"...out on DVD....now. Husband came home with a copy of it when he stepped out to get pop this evening. I excitedly watched this (at first, only for the historical-ness of it all).

Some of the thoughts/moments on my viewing:
-----The music is pretty good. Nice and loud.
-----The reference to the original soundtrack at the beginning.
-----The protections at Frog Brothers.... :-)
-----Angus Sutherland....youngest son of Donald. When I saw the trailers reminded me of Hayden Christensen.
-----Keifer Sutherland's full name is "Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland???"
-----"The Goonies"
-----Ophelia on Shane's wall...drowning.
-----The rose (neat but how is this achieved?)
-----Lisa (the dancing girl),cussing, nudity,gore
-----We have the un-rated version. The rated version is rated "R."
-----The part with Lisa?.....mothballs?
-----Edgar Frog....or Rambo?
-----Eddie Frog.
-----More comic book educational moments
-----Raw eggs are not good for you. Is the frog juice for sentimental reasons?
-----When the bad news is broken to Nicole.
-----Our Doggie snoring during the instrumental modification of the original Song.
-----Mostly like the original song when the words were added. A moment I was waiting for.
-----Vampire tattoos.
-----Nice cars.
-----Motorcycles,surfing.....music went well.
-----Reminded me of Point Break (and the original movie)....wanting to be part of a neat group but knowing that entailed extreme changes that would go against what one has always stood for.
-----The aunt. I did not like her at all.
-----Some of the music reminded me of The Doors
-----World's strangest Minister...with silly weapons.
-----There is definitely gore.
-----Angus still looks like Anakin.

Well...we thought the movie would be horrible.....because the trailers looked absolutely ridiculous. It was actually a great movie!

I will have to watch the end music at some other point as it was accidentally turned off.


Craft Junkie said...

I loved the original Lost Boys but was kinda dreading this one...now you've got me actually wanting to see it! Thanks!

And thanks for stopping by.


It was actually good. Some of Edgar Frog's lines were VERY cliche/cheesy...contributed to the humor though. It was a cool movie. I was surprised....I was really dreading and annoyed from the trailers.

I enjoy your blog. :-)


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