Friday, July 04, 2008


Lately, I have been reading a lot about LifeLock (via and searches on Google News). I always try to research any company whose services I am considering using....before I try their trial offer. LifeLock is considered America's Number 1 Identity Theft Protection Program.

LifeLock has a 1 million dollar guarantee (up to that) if their service fails....very impressive.

One of the things that ceases my attention about LifeLock is how confident the CEO, Todd Davis, is in the integrity of the product. Todd has willingly published his social security number as a testament to the reliability of Lifelock's services.

LifeLock has been spoken about on:
Rush Limbaugh
The Wall Street Journal

As a result of having my wallet/individual cards lost or stolen, I have spent hours doing some of the same things that LifeLock does. This was a very STRESSFUL process and I was terrified that I would miss replacing or suspending something crucial.

I like the idea of LifeLock for time-savings and peace of mind. I know that I will have even more cards and documents to take care in the future....since I will be using these in daily operations for my someday-coffee-shop.When I have my own business, I think that LifeLock will be most useful to me.

Among the services LifeLock provides:
-ERecon....scan the internet for private info (that should not be published). I am discovering that many registrations are sold/ much for the "privacy policies" that most websites post. I have spent aggravating amounts of time fixing this for myself and others....and would have been happier had I found this private info sooner.
-Place/renewing fraud alerts on accounts at the credit bureaus
-Remove name from phone solicitation & junk mail lists
-Replace documents when your purse or wallet is lost/stolen ("WalletLock")

I will be using the LifeLock Promo Code RD17 to try LifeLock free for 30 days. If I choose to keep LifeLock, the promo code entitles me to only have to pay 9 dollars a month.

As always, I will be keeping readers informed as I explore more. :-)

P.S.- To me, the part about racing that I mention below is....SO NEAT!



Trivia: Something neat about LifeLock....they are involved in the world of auto racing. LifeLock holds the " 400" race in Chicago (annually). They have also sponsored driver Richard Antinucci (nephew of Eddie Cheever,Jr).
Photo from Richard

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