Sunday, July 06, 2008

life of Me.....

-----It keeps getting too cold and then too hot. I turn on the air conditioner but then get cold and have to turn it off. GROWL. Of course, every time I turn the air conditioner back on it disturbs Doggie 1's sleep. Our original air conditioner broke....this one blows things around at the other end of the family room. I know that I will be very thankful for this air conditioner as summer progresses.
-----The bathroom has not grown bathroom mushrooms lately....though I am sure that they are still developing. Must get a new toilet....this one has leaks. Bathroom mushrooms are caused by leaking water....even tiny bits (which is our leak...hardly ever visible unless it is a very hot day and the toilet is perspiring). If you think I am kidding, Google "bathroom mushrooms" is freaky. We take photos. Bathroom mushrooms can grow to be 5 or 6 inches in just one day. It is amusing but freaky....many people online say they are edible (that is even more freaky).
-----I haven't played Blogshares in a while. I wonder how my blog is doing on the Fantasy Stock Market. :-)

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