Thursday, July 31, 2008

Social drinking? So some people say.

Alcohol Rehabilitation

Sometimes, people have to go to Rehab. Yes, this makes me think of an Amy Winehouse song. It also makes me think of a few people that I know who are in a LOT of denial. I will start blogging about Alcohol Treatment less when these people at least start taking steps to deal with the problem...I expect that I will just be blogging and hoping on this forever. :-( :-( :-(

Sunset Malibu is a rehab center that offers alcohol detox, drug addiction treatment and depression treatment. A gentle and caring approach is emphasized.

I would imagine that a stay at Drug Rehab Sunset Malibu might be more expensive then some Rehabs...but it is still the right environment for some patients. It is luxurious,private and with a limited number of people.

Drug Rehab Sunset Malibu pursues the traditional recovery methods as well as the holistic medicines like acupuncture,yoga,massage and herbology. I think that this is the best way to look at recovery....trying many things from an educated prospective in a safe,comfortable environment.

The views at the compound are spectacular. There are also outdoor activities....surfing,horseback riding,hiking. This kind of addiction can be so damaging to one's spirit...perhaps, these kind of things can help with the healing.

Alcohol Detox is obviously not an easy thing. I just wish that I could somehow inspire the courage for the people I am referring to....who don't see that alcohol is ruling and ruining their ENTIRE lives (and has been for some time).

Consider these type of posts my attempt to stop the dominoes from their continued fall.

Methods and goals

Also treated at the facility:
Eating disorders
Pain killer addiction
Substance abuse...Drug Treatment Center

Drug Rehab Sunset Malibu is one of the top California drug rehab centers.

Alcohol Abuse


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