Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pet information made fun. :-) A site to help your pet live a long and healthy life. I read through a lot of these sites to learn more about taking care of Doggies (and I want to have a horse sometime in my lifetime).

Mainly, I have been looking at the dog section of this website.
What not to do when feeding your dog. I did not know that many dogs have problems with milk...this would possibly explain the really bad breath that Doggie 2 gets from licking any milk products. I did know not to feed Doggies excess amounts of liver...not that I would anyway as I am not very fond of the general liver smell. The part about not eating out of plastic bowls was surprising...I wonder if it applies to drinking,too.

Though I find them beautiful, I am not really a cat person. As I have gotten older, I do not deal easily with the smell of litter boxes (or some cats).
Cat Behavior and Training

In the birds section, there is an extensive list of birds commonly kept as pets. Wild birds are also discussed.
Backyard Bird feeding

Small pets are all that many people can have...and many apartment dwellers are not even permitted to have that. I liked the idea of small pets for first time pet owners (for instance, children learning about responsibilities).

Small pets do require a high level of care though, too. I have had small pets that required a LOT of care...especially when I am nursing them back to health after recieving them from someone who took VERY poor care of them. I have several horror stories of accepting an animal only to find that it was VERY sick when I got it.

Anyway...before I get angry, back to the website. Small animals discussed on this site include pet and wild rabbits,fish,reptiles,rodents,turtles and invertebrates. There are also fun things like posters and so on in each section of Small Pets. :-)

Natural cat food andNatural dog food are discussed....of course, these are what is best. I will be looking into this as I cannot always find Science Diet. :-)

Natural cat food
Natural dog food


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